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If you operate a propane storage facility in Ontario, you may need a Risk and Safety Management Plan (RSMP) for submission to the Technical Standards Safety Authority (TSSA). For more on this subject please download our single page summary, Risk Study Outline, showing the study scope, data requirements, methodology, and price range for the hazard analysis and risk assessment parts of the RSMP.

If you have taken one of our courses and wish to provide feed back, download our feedback text file, fill it in, and send it to us as an email attachment.

We have many requests for a table and plot of the Chemical Engineering Plant Cost Index (CEPCI) for various years. You can download an Excel file with the index values from 1950 to date. You may also find Process Equipment Cost Estimation, DOE/NETL-2002/1169 helpful. Download PDF file here.

We have completed over 125 HAZOPs covering such diverse areas as chemical plants, petroleum refineries, fresh and waste water systems, lift bridge controls, smelters, mining vehicles, power generation, chemical warehouses, pulp and paper, and synthetic fuels. Download our Word list of processes studied.

You can download our CVs by clicking on each of the following links. Frank Curry, Jimmy Chang, Marvin Silbert, Richard Morettin, Gordon Cowan.