About CHI

Curry Hydrocarbons Inc. ("CHI"), incorporated under the laws of Canada in 1981, operates from offices located in Scarborough, Ontario. CHI provides Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) to the process, energy, and related industries.  Engineering projects are handled by CHI's affiliate Miley Company Limited ("MCL") . Clients range from small, privately owned manufacturers to major corporations and utilities such as Suncor, ExxonMobil, BP, Union Gas, Noranda, Clean Harbors and Ontario Power Generation.

Services directed to environmental protection and mitigation of risks to plant operation integrity are a specialty. MCL provides a full range of process and engineering services covering economic evaluations, operations analysis, project development, project management, preliminary and detail engineering, procurement, contract administration, construction supervision, start-up and operation assistance, and training.

Projects have been carried out for both new and existing facilities. Project locations in Canada have included Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Services have been provided to clients in Japan, China, Taiwan, Norway, Dominican Republic, and the United States. Download our abridged list of completed projects. These cover a wide range of process studies and engineering contracts. We place particular emphasis on projects oriented to engineering a safer environment, involving activities such as:

  • Chemical hazard analysis
- HAZOP, FMEA, What-if
- worst credible scenarios
- consequence analysis (EPA methods)
- courses and training
  • Process analysis and modeling to identify losses to the environment
  • Hazardous materials transportation studies and risk analyses
  • Waste processing facility design and installation
- incinerators, vent conservation, water treatment, solids disposal
- waste lubricating oil re-refining
- hazardous materials handling and disposal
  • Environmental assessment and control
- audits and regulatory compliance approvals
- testing and control of emissions into air and water
- impact studies

We maintain an up-to-date knowledge of provincial and federal acts and regulations, currently in effect and proposed, in order to properly advise clients of their responsibilities for compliance. We provide services for Client projects and activities affected by, among others: the Ontario Environmental Protection Act (EPA), the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), the Ontario Water Resources Act,  the transportation of Dangerous Goods Act (TDGA), and the Municipal and Industrial Strategy for Abatement (MISA) program. Clients also benefit from our:

      Multi-Disciplinary, Full-Project Service
We have the resources and experience required for all phases of a project from process and economic studies through engineering and construction to commissioning and start-up.
      Cost Effectiveness
We have a lean “hands-on” organization whose members all have extensive direct experience on project work in their specialties.
We are flexible in meeting Clients’ preferences in project team organization, schedule, and location of work execution.
Key personnel deal with the Client from initial contact through completed project. They understand fully the Client’s requirements and concerns and can respond quickly to any situation.
Regardless of project size, we provide Clients with maximum attention and an exceptional level of quality work. We are committed to complete every project successfully, on schedule, and within budget.